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Trains and flights cancelled in Delhi due to dense fog

train-fog-lThe dense fog in North India has hurt the daily lives of the common man. Over 11 trains were cancelled, 7 rescheduled and 26 were delayed due to the dense fog. 1 international and 5 domestic flights taking off from Delhi were also delayed due to the foggy weather which causes visibility problems. Outbound flights are the first to be affected due to fog, as the flights that are already airborne may be diverted to another airport or may land with some assistance. Taking off in the dense fog is deemed as dangerous as visibility is sometimes not beyound a few hundred metres.

The temperature in Delhi has gone down to 5 degrees Celsius. All of North India suffers from poor visibility due to the dense fog which occurs due to very low temperatures. There are many road accidents which occur due to the dense fog.

Many times, schools and Government offices are shut due to the dense fog that makes communting very difficult for all citizens.

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