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Saturday , 24 August 2019
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Transgender bathroom guidelines issued by Obama rescinded by Trump

The Trump administration has revoked an Obama era guidance that allowed transgender students to freely use toilets as per their gender identity. The Obama era guidance was heavily criticized, as opponents said that it violated students’ privacy and safety. The guidance had faced legal challenges from 13 States. Trump’s decision to revoke the guidance is unlikely to have any immediate impact, since Obama’s guidance has already been temporarily blocked in August by a judge in Texas.

The Trump administration has issued letters to US schools, saying that the earlier directive stands revoked, as it has created a lot of confusion. It may be recalled that Obama’s guidance was not legally binding, but since the Obama government had warned schools that their funding may be cut, schools had no other option but to follow and implement the guidance. At that time, the guidance was derived from its interpretation of Title IX, which is a federal law that bars sex discrimination in education.

Earlier, during his Presidential campaign, Trump had said that transgender students can use any bathroom they feel is appropriate. However, after becoming the President, Trump has changed his stance and revoked the Obama era guidance.

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