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South African Airways Travel Advisory on Ebola Virus

Travel Advisory
Today’s Travel Advisory | Ebola Virus

RSImageSouth African Airways (SAA) decision to continue to operate in West Africa is consistent with the position adopted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

The International Air Transport Association (IATA), has addressed the fears of international travellers by indicating that there is no risk of catching the virus from a fellow passenger on a plane; because Ebola is not an airborne disease; as it only spreads from the direct contact of bodily fluids, say experts.

At present the World Health Organisation has not issued any travel restrictions to the region or closure of borders. South African Airways will apply all decisions and leads prescribed by the World Health Organisation (WHO); as such SAA services to Abidjan (Ivory Coast); Accra (Ghana); Cotonou (Benin); Dakar (Senegal) and Lagos (Nigeria) will be maintained as scheduled.

South African Airways advises passengers that all airline personnel are trained to respond to passengers who display the symptoms of being infected with the disease. Precautions include separating sick travellers from other passengers, covering faces with a surgical mask, having air personnel wear disposable gloves and more. Reporting potential sick passengers to our operations control; will be applied in accordance to IATA guidelines.

The airline remains committed to ensuring the enforcement of international health protocols associated with air transport and will remain in liaison with its local health authorities to monitor the situation on a continuous basis.

Next Update: Subject to a change in travel conditions as prescribed by local health authorities.

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