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Travel essentials for men and women

Being an independent person and employed, you would know that travelling does not only come when you plan a holiday with your friends. It comes in as a work related project as well. Be it any of above case, there might be chances of instant travel plan. And if you do not pack your stuff smartly, travelling can be a real tough task.


Below is a list of travel essentials that are important for both men and women:

1. Portable charger: This  can be a life saver in critical time when your phone is running out of battery and there isnt any other power source available.

2. A short notebook and a pen: This can be useful in many ways. The worst being when your phone dies and you need to jot down something really important

3. Face wipes: These are a must. They clean you up and cool you down when you’re stuck at an airport or location that’s hot and sticky. If you’re in a pinch, they’re a perfect alternative to a sponge bath

4. Toothbrush and tooth paste: You should always have an extra pair packed for your instant trips. These are a must have!

5. Medicines: Take your routines medicines, and anti-allergens with you in your hand luggage

6. Documents: Carry an additional document bag that contains all your important stuff such as , passport, visa, ID proof, etc.

7. Superglue: This can be like a magic want for bad situations such as, flapping shoe sole or to mend your suitcase


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