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Travel tips for the monsoons

Rainy season lifts up our mood like anything. It washes away all our worries and refreshes our mind and body. Another thing that comes up in our minds when we see the rains is of going on a trip with family or friends. Though tripping in the rainy season might seems like a super excellent idea but it has its own set of pros and cons. 

Below are some pointers on things that we need to keep in our minds before heading for a trip in the rainy season:

  1. Mosquito repellent: Do not forget to apply a coat of your mosquito repellent throughout your trip to stay away from the mosquitoes and the bugs
  2. Rain coat / umbrella: These are but obvious stuff for the monsoon. You never know when you have the requirement of these on your trip during the monsoons
  3. Weather forecast: Make sure you see the weather forecast (of an entire week) of the place where you are heading to. Monsoons can be risky if you are planning to visit any hill station. Fun is one thing, but safety is more important
  4. Avoid street food: As you are told since your childhood, apply it here as well. Try to avoid street food as much as possible to keep yourself active throughout the vacation
  5. Extra clothes: Since it is the season to enjoy the weather, you might end up drenching your clothes. And drying of clothes is also a headache in this season. Hence don’t forget to stuff some extra pair of clothes

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