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Sunday , 25 August 2019
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Travelling trends: Delhi prefers London, Mumbai likes Bali

New Delhi, July 17 (IANS) To where do Indians like to travel — from local destinations with the spontaneity of a wayfaring soul to distant ones on the well-planned relaxing, long vacations? Airbnb has shared travel trends from the country.

According to a survey by the company, some key trends have emerged for the way India likes to travel. These trends offer a glimpse of all the places Indian travellers are exploring, both locally and around the world.

* Top international destinations: International trips now average six to seven days per trip, as travellers pack exotic experiences into week-long getaways. With an increasing thirst to discover the world on their terms, international destinations are a hit with the metros. The destinations on their wishlist:

Delhi prefers London, Mumbai likes Bali, Bangalore gets drawn to Paris, Chennai to Singapore, and Kolkata prefers Prague.

* Top local destinations: In planning quick getaways, people like short trips to nearby locations. People from Delhi travel to Shimla, Mumbai heads to Lonavala, Bengaluru makes its way to Ooty, and Chennai’s favourite is Puducherry.

* Location and amenities: To suit their travel style, Indians are opting for customised amenities and facilities for their accommodation. Travellers filter homes according to neighbourhoods when travelling overseas. Solo travellers and young couples choose to be close to the nightlife, and larger groups choose the city’s outskirts or suburbs.

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