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Treating Teenage Acne Naturally

Wash Face Daily:-
By washing your face morning and night will help you to remove oil and dirt that had built up during the course of the day and caused breakouts. If possible then use acne soap or face wash and gently apply it to your skin for best results, just make sure that they are mild and not harsh in nature. Do not use a towel but instead just let it dry as towels are coarse textured and are not good for the skin.

Lemon juice:-
Lemon is acidic in nature and this can be used to treat acne in a natural way. Lemon helps to clean dirt that has been accumulated on the pores and will harden the sebum. You can just cut a slice of lemon and rub it gently over the affected areas and then leave it that way for some hours. Later you can rinse it with clean water. You could also mix lemon juice with rose water in and wash the affected area with this solution.

Honey could also be of great help if you want to treat your acne, it can be used as an antiseptic and as well as a moisturizer. This is why it would work when you apply it on the affected area; leave honey on the affected area for about an hour. You will find that this treatment would remove acne in only a matter of few days. You should rinse the honey with warm water and then use cold water so that the pores get closed. There is also the possibility of making a face mask by mixing honey and powdered nutmeg and leaving it on for half an hour.  You should use the mask regularly.

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