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Trump awards Vietnam War veteran with highest military honour

Washington, Oct 24 (IANS) US President Donald Trump awarded a Medal of Honour, the country’s highest military decoration, to a veteran combat medic in the Vietnam War (1959-1975), who took care of 60 soldiers before worrying about his own injuries.

“This will enshrine him into the history of our nation,” Trump said on Monday before awarding the prestigious award to retired Army Captain Gary Mike Rose, 69.

Rose participated in “Operation Tailwind”, a covert mission that led a contingent of US troops into Laos in 1970, where they went into the enemy’s territory to cut off a supply route for North Vietnamese troops

The field medic and his unit had to “dodge bullets, dodge explosives” during the complicated mission, and after rescuing several of his teammates, Rose was injured by flying shrapnel which “left a gaping hole in Mike’s foot”, according to Trump.

But Rose continued rescuing and treating more than 60 soldiers and “did not stop to eat, to sleep or even care for his own serious injury” for four days, until the helicopters arrived to rescue them, and once at the base he still refused to receive medical attention until after his colleagues did, the President said.

“Mike valiantly fought for the life of his comrades, even if it meant the end of his own life.

“Your will to endure, your love for your fellow soldier, your devotion to your country inspires us all,” Trump added.

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