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Wednesday , 24 April 2019
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Trump cancel’s Obama’s deal with Cuba

In one of his trademark and much expected action, US President Donald Trump announced that he is cancelling he deals activated by Obama with Cuba. The announcement comes as a shocker to the World nations since Cuba was always at the warring end with the United States which was nullified to a certain extent by earlier President Barack Obama.

Trump said his new policy would tighten rules affecting travel and sending funds to the Caribbean island nation. He also said his administration will “expose the crimes of the Castro regime”.

The U.S embassy will continue to function in Havana and so as the diplomatic and commercial ties that will prevail. U.S commercial planes would still fly to Cuba allowing U.S citizens to return back with the Cuban goods.

“They made a deal with a government that spread violence and instability in the region and nothing they got, think about it, nothing they got, they fought for everything and we just didn’t fight hard enough, but now, those days are over,” Trump said. He added further stating “We now hold the cards. The previous administration’s easing of restrictions of travel and trade does not help the Cuban people. They only enrich the Cuban regime.”

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