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Monday , 22 April 2019
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Trump not under investigation says his Attorney

US President Donald Trump’s lawer said Trump is not under investigation despite the tweet by the US president which said “I am being investigated”.

Jay Sekulow, who is part of Trump’s legal team contended the tweet was not a confirmation of the investigation, but instead a response to a report.

As per the reports, five officials who had been briefed on interview requests from special counsel Robert Mueller with three top intelligence officials to see if Trump had attempted to obstruct justice.

Jay Sekulow sited the limitation of number of words in tweeter and said, “The President’s response was as it related to the Washington Post report. He cannot in a Twitter statement include all of that in there”.

Sekulow claimed the president is not spending a lot of time composing the tweets, but defended them as a means of speaking directly to voters.

The attorney on Sunday also acknowledged that the president was aware that firing James Comey as FBI director could extend the entire time frame of the investigation into Russia.

President Trump continued to refer to what he feels is a “witch hunt” against him in another slew of new tweets Sunday morning, writing that it is a distraction from the rest of his priorities

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