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Trump-Obama relationship nastiness

Its been seen that the relationship between US President Donald Trump and his predecessor Barack Obama has reached rock bottom with the recent nastiness of allegations.

The acrimony is largely one-sided; while Obama has not made a direct assault on Trump’s character since last year’s presidential campaign concluded, Trump has steadily increased his stinging criticism of Obama.

Both are carrying out the nastiest public dispute in modern presidential history, one that began on deeply personal terms and which now plays out nearly every time Trump finds a policy he dislikes or a perceived double standard.

The accusation, which sources said annoyed the former president, was the moment it became clear to those in both Trump and Obama’s spheres that a functional relationship — which past presidents have long cherished with one another — was not in the offing.

The are reports that Trump remains in a competitive stance against Obama, who campaigned heavily for Hillary Clinton in last year’s presidential election and offered withering criticism of Trump on the campaign trail.

This is not something new that happens with the presidents, Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter battled over who caused the 1982 recession a dispute that prompted Carter to publicly accuse his successor of not accepting the full duties of the job.

But the jabs that are exchanged are no good considering the fact that we are in the era of social media.

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