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Trump to visit five Asian countries; plan to check North Korea’s nuclear threat

In an effort to check the rising nuclear threat from rogue nation North Korea, the president of the United States will be visiting 5 countries in Asia in November 2017. The announcement regarding this was made today by the White House. The countries that US President Donald Trump would be visiting include China, Japan, South Korea, Philippines and Vietnam. This would be Trump’s first visit to Asia after he took charge as the President of the United States. The visit comes in the wake of the increasing possibility that North Korea may be very close to acquiring the technology to launch nuclear missiles that can strike the United States. Sources said that Trump would probably discuss with the neighbors of North Korea before taking any action against the rogue nation.

The White House said that the primary mission of the US president would be to undertake efforts that can establish peace in the region. Trump would seek the cooperation of other countries in the region to tackle the problems created by North Korea. The White House said that the US wants complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and such a denuclearization should be verifiable and irreversible. It may be recalled that both Trump and North Korea have been using aggressive statements against each other, with each claiming to annihilate each other. Trump will also be discussing economic ties with the 5 Asian countries he is visiting.

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