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Wednesday , 24 April 2019
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Trump’s Policy impact on Cuba

For ordinary Cuban citizens, the announcement from the US President Donald Trump was a shocker. It was a policy shift by the US government towards Cuba. Just a year back the then US President Barack Obama, loosened travel restrictions on to Cuba which allowed individuals and groups to go to the island nation for educational purposes.

But the announcement made by President Trump, prohibit solo trips to Cuba, but would allow group trips to continue.

The changes Trump announced will allow cruises and airlines to continue normal activity, but they could dampen hotel development plans. The changes would make it more difficult for traveler and eventually could make traveling to Cuba more difficult for passengers, who would be subject to audit by the Treasury Department to ensure their trips to Cuba fall into one of the 12 acceptable purposes.

It is expected that the Treasury and Commerce Departments will release precise regulations within 30 days.

The airlines are closely watching the developments and would assess the effect it would have on passengers.

The feeling with the Cuban citizens is that If these measures end up affecting someone, that someone is not going to be Raul Castro rather it will be the ordinary Cubans as always.

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