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Monday , 27 May 2019
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Try These 5 Best Beauty Brands in The World


People are looking to the beauty products as they are a miracle to make them very beautiful and hide their defects. So we offer you here a list of the top 5 skincare brands  which provide with great products to maintain and enhance your beauty with suitable prices.
 1- Estée Lauder

It is one of the most popular skin-care brand, not only in the United States but also in the U.K., Taiwan, Russia, United Arab Emirates and many other countries. Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, Thailand, Brazil, India, South Korea, Indonesia, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Poland and many others.

Estée Lauder products offer many products including cleanser, toner, and makeup remover… but the most popular product is the anti-aging serum which is used before going to sleep is the most popular product works while you sleep.
2- Nivea

Nivea is a classic lotion company, but no one would imagine that it has such a massive social following. Nivea is lopular everywhere,especially in Turkey, Germany, the Netherlands, Argentina, Belgium, and Thailand, and It also has a great followers in many other countries like Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway etc.

The most popular product from Nivea is its Q10 Skin Firming Hydration Body Lotion, which is put on your body right after you shower to get the best results. It promises to firm and smooth the dimped skin and aging.
 3- Shiseido

It is not a new company, but a 140-year-old one which started as a simple pharmacy in Japan then grew up in Japan and China. However, its popularity spread till it became one of the top five popular brands in the United kingdom, United states, France, Taiwan, Belgium, Russia, Argentina, Germany, Spain, Russia, Mexico, Indonesia, The Netherlands and Thailand.
The most popular and special product offered by from Shiseido is the brand’s classic sunscreen, this great product promises to be very effective and even more effective when it is exposed to water.
It also offers an excellent face moisturizer, an oil based cleanser and many others.
 4- L’Oréal

For years, women are being told that they are worth it. Actually, this is said where L’Oréal is most talked-about skin-care brand in the region. According to studies, it is ranked within the top five brands in the United States, Canada, South Africa, India, Italy, France, China, Australia, and Poland, too.
The Age Perfect Cell Renewal face serum is L’Oréal’s best-seller worldwide.
It might not be a skin care, but its amazing formula will absolutely leave your skin happy and glowing.
5- Lancôme

It is one of the greatest and most popular skincare and makeup brand in Paris. However, not only in France, but it is the most popular brand in Sweden and it was ranked as one of the top five in Japan, Argentina, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Thailand.
Lancôme’s gentle makeup remover It’s the brand’s most popular item on social media, and it is amazing for removing waterproof makeup, and guess what? It doesn’t leave any oily residue behind.
There are another very popular item from Lancôme which is the concentrate oil-free, lightweight serum which help to keep your skin radiant.

These are the top 5 brands in the world which offer a great quality of beauty products, so let them be your first choice.

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