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Trying to avoid sugar, use these instead!

In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a fit body, we indulge into lot of activities and practices. Cutting down on our sugar consumption is one of the foremost things that we are advised to do, while trying to loose weight and make out bodies fit.

For those who have a sweet tooth, saying away from sugar is just not easy. So we have come up with healthy substitutes of sugar which will satisfy your sweet tooth, yet keeping the calorie count low.

1. Natural raw honey: Honey in its purest form makes a great sweetener for drinks as well as desserts. It contains vitamins and trace amounts of minerals, iron, calcium, and copper, among others.

2. Stevia: Stevia is a herb of South American origin. The leaves are used in the extraction of a natural sugar either in the powdered or liquid form.

3. Jaggery: It is the easiest available ingredient in our homes. As with honey, jaggery can be a little high on the calories, so consume it in moderation. 

4. Palm Sugar: This can be another healthy and tasty substitute for sugar, and is easily available in the market.


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