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TTV Dinakaran warns AIADMK warring factions

A political meet hich was organised by TTV Dinakaran has saw the participation of 23 MLAs which showed that the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu is in grave danger if he does not make his faction mend ways with OPS faction at the earliest else risk of being dismissed by the Governor for falling short of majority in the assembly.

After the erstwhile strong party of Tamilnadu got scattered into 3 which TTV Dinakaran always denied, OPS faction has called for complete ouster of Sasikala clan from the party as one of their major condition apart from conducting a probe on the death of the former CM Jayalalithaa. While this was not accepted by the EPS facton, they kept saying that TTV Dinakaran has no say in the political functioning of the party with Minister Jayakumar saying in particular that he would be called “Yettappan – a popular word used for those who back stab in Tamilnadu)” if TTV Dinakaran was responsible for the party’s fall out in the assembly.

After the resolution was passed on August 10 which said appointment as the party’s deputy general secretary as illegal, Dinakaran successfully conducted a rally in Melur which saw the participation of 19 MLAs and 6 MPs. He has asked the warring faction to reunite forgetting their differences else he would be forced to mend them. He also said that he is not claiming for high position or stakes in the party and also would not lead to the fall of the party but will take all steps that is necessary to keep the party in power.

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