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Wednesday , 24 April 2019
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Turbulence stuck Chinese Plane leaves 26 injured

There are reports that a turbulence left at least 26 injured and 4 seriously.

A Chinese Eastern Airlines flight from Paris on Sunday experienced wild turbulence as flight MU774 was on its way to Kunming, in the southern Yunnan province.

It said that during the turbulence, several passengers’ heads and shoulders collided with the luggage racks, some luggage racks broke from the impact, and some luggage fell off the racks and hit customers.

As per the initial reports, Passengers are being treated for bone fractures, scalp lacerations and soft tissue injuries caused by falling baggage or collisions with overhead lockers. The injured were taken to the First People’s Hospital of Yunnan Province and Yan’an Hospital Affiliated to Kunming Medical University

The flight MU744  was descending to land at Kunming Changshui International Airport in Yunnan province. The plane landed safely an hour later and those who needed medical help were taken to hospital, Xinhua said. None of the injured were in critical condition.

The incident came a week after another China Eastern Airlines flight bound for Shanghai was forced to turn back to Sydney when one of its engines sustained severe damage shortly after take-off.

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