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Turkey Strom leaves heavy damages.

At least 10 people have been injured as heavy rain, large hail and strong winds knocked down trees, damaged buildings and flooded streets in Istanbul, Turkey.

The violent storm pummelled Turkey’s most populous city  with hailstones the size of golf balls.

Heavy rainfall disrupted evening rush hour traffic, with some motorists leaving their vehicles stranded.

A wind gust of 98 kilometres per hour was recorded during the peak of the storm.

Officials said that 7,000 emergency workers were called in to help after the storm uprooted 230 trees and destroyed 90 roofs.

This is the second time in 10 days that heavy rain has inundated the streets and wreaked havoc across the city.

The storm lasted just 20 minutes on Thursday evening but was enough to cause significant damage and flooding.

Part of a stone wall surrounding a cemetery for the Christian Armenian community had been demolished in Thursday’s storm, hurting two people. Footage showed rescue crews and residents helping each other to remove the stones, looking for people who may have been trapped beneath the rubble.

According to officials, emergency workers were deployed to help in the aftermath of the storm which uprooted 230 trees, destroyed 90 roofs and sparked fires across the city.

Istanbul recorded 22mm of rain in just 12 hours on Thursday, which is more than half the July average of 34mm.

Delays were reported at Istanbul’s main airport, and some flights were diverted to other airports. At least one passenger jet was damaged by large hail.

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