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Twitter tweaks its design for iOS – gets support from users

Twitter has revamped its app for desktop, mobile and the web in order to woo its users. The new look and UI looks much better and refreshing when compared to the previous version which has been hailed by the users and this has been on top trend on social media for the whole day.

The icons are more rounded and polished with a change in the font and overall look making it a real pleasant one to use it. The change was released last summer for Android users and after they gave a positive feedback, it was rolled out yesterday for iOS users.

Profile icons across Twitter are now round instead of square  and typography is more consistent, while headlines – like “In Case You Missed It” or “Trending Now” – are bolder to better separate them from the content.

With this change, you will not find a profile button at the bottom of the app which according to Twitter reduces clutter. All the settings related functions has now been moved to left-side navigation menu. You’ll now swipe right on the homescreen to reveal the new menu. 

Noticeable change is the Reply icon. The arrow has now been swapped out in favour of a conversation bubble.

Retweet, Like (heart), and DM icons have also been refreshed, along with the Home, Search, Notifications.However the major request of “editing a tweet” is still not been rolled out. For those who do not know, Twitter was initially a SMS based messaging service.

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