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Two US Intelligence Chiefs say Trump told them to deny collusion

Two of the American intelligence officials have come out in open saying that President Donald Trump asked them to say there was no collusion between his election campaign and Russia.

During testimony to the Senate intelligence committee on June 7, Coats and Rogers didn’t answer many specific questions, but both said they weren’t under pressure to publicly intervene in the inquiry.

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and National Security Agency Director Adm. Mike Rogers described their interactions with the President about the Russia investigation as odd and uncomfortable, but said they did not believe the President gave them orders to interfere, according to multiple sources familiar with their accounts.

There are also reports that the Intelligence officers met separately with the Senate intelligence committee in two closed briefings.

It is well known that President Trump has repeatedly stated that there has been no collusion.

In the past weeks, the former FBI chief Comey testified that Trump asked him to openly state that the president wasn’t being investigated as part of the FBI probe. The ex-FBI chief said that he didn’t do so because he would have to correct that statement publicly if the facts changed.

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