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Two-wheeler riders, you could soon face heavy penalties for using helmets without the ISI mark

Here’s a heads-up for all two-wheeler riders in the country: you could soon face heavy penalties for wearing a helmet lacking the ISI certification mark.

Bearing in mind the slew of motorcycle and scooter accidents across the country every year, the ministry of road transport and highways is now preparing to make the stamp compulsory for all helmets.

The symbol developed by Bureau of India standards confirms the quality of product.

An original ISI authorised helmet can protect the skull to large extent in case of severe road accidents.

The ministry is asking the BIS to bring ISI helmet for two wheelers under the mandatory list.

Riders often use locally manufactured non ISI helmets which is not all safe .

“Most would settle for a helmet of an ordinary company as they come cheap. Customers generally tend to buy helmets to avoid paying fines to the traffic police and not really to avert accidents. We advise but most don’t listen. The threat to life is perhaps the last thing on their minds,” said Abid Hussein, a helmet dealer at Lajpat Nagar Market.

Non ISI helmets do not meet the life saving requirements. 

Roadside vendors usually convince customers that they are selling ISI standard helmets by simply pasting ISI logos on the helmets.

The motor vehicle act 1988 makes it mandatory for all two wheeler riders to wear ISI marked headgear .

The penalty at present is Rs.600 for the first violation and use of non ISI helmets was not an offence.

“Wearing a helmet that is not as per standards is like not wearing one at all.Making use of ISI helmets mandatory is essential to save the precious lives of two-wheeler riders in the country,” says Ullhas.


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