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UGC asks Central Universities to Revise Syllabuses Every Three Years

UGC (University Grants Commission) asked the Central universities to brush up and revise their syllabuses once in every three years of period in view of making university and college students more updated and employable. On 8th February UGC has written a letter in a lately meeting held by the Group of Secretaries on Education and Social Development with the Prime Minister.



As per the commission’s recommendation syllabuses of all academic departments in Universities should be brushed up and revised at least once in every three years. Such review will give massive opportunity to students, to remain updated and skilled as per the existing need of employment.


In view of informed and updated syllabuses as per existing requirement of employment, UGC has requested the universities to agreement top priority to the matter and take immediate action so that the syllabuses of various courses offered at university are brushed up and adopted for quick enactment by University.

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