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Saturday , 25 May 2019
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UK and USA are less desired by overseas aspirant students to purse management course

The upcoming managers will contribute to global enterprises and innovations. In this process majority of students desire to have International MBA degree to enhance opportunities in their court.

Recently a survey was conducted which stated that most of the non-USA inhabitants expressed low desire to study in USA and United Kingdom.

As per the study, in November 2016 only 35 percent people showed low desire to study USA and United Kingdom, however, the reasonable increase is found in the percentage as in April 2017, it has increased to the tune of 45 percent.

Further, in another study, it appeared that applicants from India are adversely swayed. The major reason was unfolded in form of Brexit vote. Indian candidates are less interested in studying in United Kingdom.

In other fresh study done by Graduate Management, Admission Council shows that almost 59 percent management study aspirants wish to get admission in overseas rather than native country and this number has increased quite good, compared to the last study conducted in 2009 which showed 44 percent in this regard.

When the USA and the United Kingdom are witnessing less interested from the aspirant students from overseas on the other hand countries like Canada, New Zealand, and Germany can be seen as the desired destination to study because they countries education system promise healthy and friendly education system for everyone.

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