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UK to face issues triggering Brexit

U.K. which has triggered article 50 t leave European Union is set to face himalayan task in getting this done. Firstly, the PM Teresa May has to meet the leaders from the EU in the EU Parliament and convince them of this since this may not go down well with the coalition countries. Even if they agree, they are expected to impose few restrictions on the U.K which includes:

  1. Having a check on environmental issues with U.K having to maintain its carbon output within the prescribed limits
  2. To keep a check on competition
  3. To avoid tax evasion since this is the most common problem faced by nations across the world.

Apart from the above, the major condition that may upset U.K would be the contribution of GBP60 Billion which the EU nations may ask U.K. to pay towards the budget. It is also to be noted here that Teresa May has called for Snap Elections in the U.K on June 8,2017 which is 3 years ahead of her ruling period.

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