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Friday , 18 January 2019
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UN backs fresh sanctions over North Korea Missile tests

A resolution banning North Korean exports and limiting investments in the country was passed unanimously in the United Nations which is seen as a major setback for China which is the only International ally of North Korea.

The US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, said it was “the most stringent set of sanctions on any country in a generation”. The sanction has been praised by President of US, Donald Trump.

Pyongyang tested two intercontinental ballistic missiles in July and said that is has reached the capacity with its missiles to hit any part of USA. However the efficiency of these missiles has been doubted by the experts. The tests were then condemned by the neighbouring South Korea, Japan apart from the US which has prompted in drafting the new UN sanctions.

The export of coal, ore and other raw materials to China is one of North Korea’s few sources of cash. It is also believed that the technology for making the missiles has been provided by China. With the new UN sanctions, now the effort of exports would be affected by as much as 66% out of the $3 billion worth of exports which is set to fall by $1 billion.

Succumbing to international pressure, China suspended the imports of coal earlier this year.

The resolution saw the surprise support of China this time. The US ambassador said the Security Council had increased the penalty for North Korea’s ballistic missile activity “to a whole new level”.

“Today the Security Council has come together to put the North Korean dictator on notice,” Ms Haley said who also added “North Korea’s irresponsible and careless acts have just proved to be costly for the regime.” She ended up praising China’s stance.


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