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Under 10 categories, people to get exemption from standing in cinema hall for national anthem

As per the government sources, the list of persons excused from stand-up at the time the national anthem plays in a cinema hall has been adjusted. Further, those subsiding in 10 groups have accepted by the Supreme Court.

As per the amendment, following people are not required to stand up during nation anthem is being played in the cinema halls.

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Parkinson’s disease,
  • Muscular dystrophy,
  • Day blindness,
  • Dearing loss,
  • Autism,
  • Locomotive disability (wheelchair-bound)
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Leprosy-cured persons
  • Intellectual disability (learning disorder)

As per the sources, the court has asked Union ministry of social justice and empowerment to make an ultimate report and see if any other showed disabled group needs to be comprised of the list.

Last year on November 30, Apex Court had ordered to play nation anthem in the cinema hall in the country, before each movie is screened to the audience. This order had triggered opinions in the country.

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