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Thursday , 23 May 2019
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Undertaker announces his retirement from WWE


Word Champion Wrestler Undertaker announced his retirement from WWE yesterday. He has been enthralling the audience for little more than 3 decades. Known for his height and fiery eyes, the wrestler shot to limelight when he defeated the then World Champion Hulk Hogan in the WWE Survivor Series,1990.

Born as Mark William Calaway in 1965 to Brand Compton Calaway s the fifth kid in Texas, he had lot of interest on sports right from the childhood and has been a star player in Football and Basket Ball during his schooling days. He got introduced as “Texas Red” at the age of 19 by WCCW and ended up with defeat in his first first tie. He quit WCCW after 4 years and joined CWA and got introduced as “Master Bain” and defeated then champion Jerry Laller.

He got a bigger break in 1990 during the WWE Series where he made his debut for Million Dollar Team.  He was introduced by the owner of the team as “Death Valley” and he was then weighing around 320 Pounds with 6’10” in height.

Undertaker had won Hardcore,World Heavy Weight and WWE Championships. He has competed for record 25 times in Wrestlemania winning 21 out of them continuously which is a World Record. He is the only wrestler who has been competing in the “Monday Night RAW” ever since its inception by WWE.

Undertaker has announced his retirement due to age factor.

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