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Unfold 2019 with Fashionable Innerwear options for Guys!

man modelWhy is it that only women get to choose from a variety of lingerie. Why is it that only women inner wear is considered as a fashion commodity? In this era where equality is not only essential but is also trending in all the industries, it is important that men’s innerwear brands begin to consider men’s innerwear as a fashion commodity. The industry needs to bring to its audience a variety of briefs, trunks, boxers and more in varied colours, prints and designs. However, comfort still holds the utmost importance. Let’s have a look at the most fashionable innerwear options for men in 2019 -:

  1. Classic White: A classic white inner wear never goes out of style. Sophisticated and neat, a classic white inner wear is an indispensable part of a gentleman’s lifestyle. White inner wear is an immortal trend and never runs out of trend.
  1. The one with the prints: Prints have floated in and out of menswear section but they landed very conveniently in the men’s innerwear sector. It began with men wearing funny printed socks and now the trend has caught up with inner wear as well. From pineapples to leaves to alien faces, jocks with funny and distinguished prints are trending these days.
  1. Boxers: Bringing a bit old school to a guy’s underwear game, boxers are going to gain more popularity in 2019. With that extra room, they are not only comfortable but also help in keep you moving. Also, boxers are often paired with a t-shirt and used at home on a lazy Sunday morning.
  1. Comfort first: Irrespective of the style and design, comfort plays the most important role when it comes to inner wear. You don’t want to be pulling and adjusting your undergarments when in public or in a meeting. Or you wouldn’t want to end up with rashes after a long day in a pair of tight underwear.
  1. Colour Block: Best for physical workouts, it is prefered under sports and gym wear for men. Keeping in mind the utmost priority of comfort along with fashion, colour block is a trend option for men’s innerwear market that most follow for intense workout sessions. Keeping things in position, it prevents you from hurting yourself and walking funny the next day.
  1. Luxury: Yes, luxury category for men’s innerwear does exist. We are drooling over fancy briefs and trunks that have platinum lining on them. It not only looks super classy but also sets you apart from the regular inner wear fashion trend and makes you feel special.
  1. Essentials: One of the most important type of inner wear that runs in the fashion industry is essentials. They can be used under casuals as well as formal wear. When it comes to formal, one should choose an inner wear that is seamless and does not leave imprints under formal trousers. For casuals, you may go for boxers or briefs, as it won’t be too visible under a pair of denim.

By : Mr. Yogesh Kabra, CEO and Founder of XYXX

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