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Union environment minister Anil Madhav Dave passes away today

Today morning union environment minister Anil Madhav passed away. Mr. Anil was 60 years old. As per the sources, he had not been healthy for the previous few months. This morning he nitpicked of restlessness at his home and he was hurried to AIIMS hospital and there he dead.

Yesterday evening Mr. Anil was in meetings with Narendra Modi. After his demise, Modi tweeted and stated that he is devoted community servant. On the death of Mr. Anil Madhav, numerous Central and state politicians uttered their pities.

Prime Minister also added that he was with Anil Madhav Dave till late previous evening and were discussing important policy subjects.

Modi said that Mr. Anil Madhav’s demise is a personal damage.

He was very fervent to saving the environment. On July 2016, Mr. Anil Madhav Dave took responsibility as Minister of State for Environment, Forest, and Climate Change said, PM Modi.

He was elected to the Rajya Sabha in 2009 and he was also on the advice-giving committee for the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. During March to June 2010, he was an associate of the Parliamentary Medium on Global Warming and Climate Change.

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