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Thursday , 24 January 2019
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United Airlines – Hero to Zero

United Airlines was on the receiving end when it had forcefully evicted a passenger quoting that the flight was overbooked. The news which created a uproar on all media channels including social media saw the CEO of the company personally apologising for the event. However in a twist of turn, United Spokesman Jonathan Guerin said that all 70 seats on United Express Flight 3411 were filled, but the plane was not overbooked as the airline previously reported.

This was done to accommodate crew members needed in Louisville the next day or which 4 passengers were selected. 3 out of 4 left without any protest but the fourth passenger Dr David Dao, a physician in Elizabethtown, Kentucky has to be literally pulled out as he expressed his agitation.

Dr Dao is sung the airlines for their unruly behaviour and also for causing injuries. The incident saw United’s market value being wiped off to a tune of USD 255 Million.  

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