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Wednesday , 24 April 2019
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UP Hindus , Muslims Unite against 3am ‘loud sehri’ call

Residents of Bareilly’s Premnagar including Hindus and few Muslims have approached local administration against the use of loud speakers by seven mosques at 3am daily during Ramzan.

The authorities have decided to take this issue to Mosque’s administration and tell them either to remove loudspeakers or mute them.

“I have instructed the superintendent of police (city) to investigate the matter and take action in accordance with the Supreme Court’s guidelines. Either the loudspeakers will be uninstalled from the religious places or the caretakers will have to play them in a low volume,” additional district magistrate (ADM) Alok Kumar said.

According to Apex court’s guidelines loudspeakers cannot be used between 10pm to 6am.

“To disturb sleep , therefore, would amount to torture,which is now accepted as violation of human rights ” guidelines says.

UttarPradesh Udyog Vyapar Pratinidhi Mandal a traders union also joined hands to support residents and filed a complaint.

“Whether it is a temple or a mosque, no religion allows bothering others. My father is a heart patient who underwent an open heart surgery just last year. He and my 73-year-old mother have not slept peacefully for days. There are infants in every house,” UPUVPM district president Shobhit Saxena said.

Seven Muslim neighbours were also filed a complaint and they said ” Ramzan is about helping others not causing distress ” .

Asif Beg one of the complainants was allegedly targeted by some people.

“They stopped me near the mosque when I was on my way home in the evening and told me that I would go to hell as I had complained against the mosque loudspeakers. They even assaulted me and escaped from the scene,” Beg said.

Bareilly’s deputy shahr qazi Maulana Shahabbudin Rizvi said  “It’s wrong to use loudspeakers persistently to wake up people for sehri. Ideally, there should be just one wake-up call within permissible decibel levels. Some clerics are using recorded voices and playing them to bother others, which is against the spirit of Ramzan.”

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