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US-backed forces target ISIS strongholds in Syria’s oil-rich east

After registering many successes in recent times and reclaiming several territories from Islamist terror organization ISIS, US-backed forces have announced a new offensive against ISIS, wherein they will target Syria’s oil-rich east. This area is among the last remaining strongholds of ISIS and if the US-backed forces could reclaim this area, it would be like breaking the back of ISIS. Currently, ISIS militants are having a tough time to protect all the territories under their control in the border province of Deir al-Zour. The Syrian Democratic Forces, which is a Kurdish-dominated militia, said today that it has plans to eliminate ISIS militants from areas east of the Euphrates River. The Syrian Democratic Forces would get help from US-led airstrikes, which would help them achieve their target.

The operation to reclaim Syria’s oil-rich east from ISIS control has been named “Operation Jazeera Storm”. The operation will begin in the Khabur River valley. Once the area is reclaimed, it would be handed over to a civilian council for administration. However, a victory in Syria would certainly be challenging if not entirely impossible. This is because there are too many stakeholders, including various countries and several militias, vying to stake control in the region. The US is eying a win in Deir al-Zour, as it would allow it to keep a check on Iranian expansionism. 

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