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Saturday , 25 May 2019
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US can act alone on North Korea’s missile threat: Trump

US President Donald Trump has warned China that US could act alone against North Korea to eliminate its nuclear missile threat. Trump asked China to increase pressure on North Korea to dismantle its nuclear program. Trump also said that he would discuss the growing threat of nuclear aggression from North Korea when he meets Chinese President Xi Jinping at his Florida resort this week. This would be the first meeting between Trump and his Chinese counterpart. Trump pointed out that China has great influence over North Korea, so either China can help resolve the issue or the United States would be forced to act unilaterally.

North Korea has emerged as a threat since the country has made significant progress in developing long-range missile systems that can deliver nuclear payloads. The deputy White House national security adviser KT McFarland said that North Korea could potentially acquire the ability to hit US cities with nuclear-armed missiles by the end of Trump’s first term in office. The current US government is hopeful that it would be able to fix a good deal with China that would benefit both countries.

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