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US Needs ‘Good Shutdown’ In September To Fix Mess: Donald Trump

The US President Donald Trump is known for making headlines for his unprecedented style of governing as well as tweeting.

In a recent tweet, he said that, “Our country needs a good ‘shutdown’ in September to fix mess.”  

Trump is hoping for an unusual step as well as advocated a forced shutdown of the federal government as both Republicans and Democrats were not able to reach a budget deal.

US, Government Shutdown, September, Donald Trump

Trump lashed out at the legislator and said that maybe the US government should not be funded at all.

As Trump is seen failing in the making a budget deal, the most important poll promise of Trump is fading out and hopes are coming down.

In a humiliating deal for Trump, a few of his congressional allies have been able to make a deal with the Democrats to fund the government until September 2017.

This move has delayed the wall building at the Mexico as well as other Trump’s promises.

During the government shutdown under the Obama administration, the US economy lost billions of dollars. 

If his tweets are to believed holding any place in his policies, Trump can refuse to sign deal in which the government funding stops after September. The deall is still being finalised in Congress.

A few of the republican congressmen had pointed out their victory after they were able to cut the deal with the Democrats as an increase in military spending was agreed, however this tweet from Trump has complicated the situation. 

Donald Trump is also seeking a change in the congressional law requiring 60 votes in Senate to pass any budget rules.


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