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US planning drone strikes in Pakistan to target terrorist hideouts

Even as Pakistan continues to deny that it allows militants to operate within its borders, the United States (US) is planning to carry out drone strikes in Pakistan. The US government is not happy with how the Pakistan government has handled the situation against terrorists, especially the Haqqani network militants. The US had clearly told Pakistan to act against the Haqqani network terrorists and cut off their ties with them, but as per US, no such action has been taken by Pakistan. US is now evaluating drone strikes against militant hideouts in Pakistan since it considers the Haqqani network terrorists as a real threat.

Apart from the possible drone strikes, the US government is also discussing other things such as cutting aid to Pakistan and downgrading Pakistan’s role as a non-NATO ally. However, experts said that reforming Pakistan would be a difficult task since the country is in the grip of terrorism and it has limited resources to fight the menace. Also, since relations between India and US are continuously strengthening, Pakistan would see it a negative development and may not respond properly to every request that US makes.

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