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US President Barack Obama offers optimism in his farewell speech

barack-obama“America is not the project of any one person. Because the single most powerful word in our democracy is the word ‘We.’ ‘We The People.’ ‘We Shall Overcome.’ ‘Yes, We Can.’”

US President Barack Obama today made his farewell speech at Chicago. He was addressing a huge gathering in his adoptive hometown. He accepted the popular US presidency after a bitter political campaign almost eight years ago.

Various reports indicate that Obama asked his team to prepare a bigger than politics speech and the team might just have delivered as he requested.

Obama thanked all of Americans and said that he has learned a lot from them. He is now a better man as well as became a better president due to all of them. He also reflected upon the founding principles of America and said that one should always have the freedom to follow their dream through imagination and must regularly attempt to achieve that.

The outgoing US President also told the roaring crowd that all must understand that Democracy should give a sense that everyone has some economic opportunity. He claimed that during 2016, the individual income has risen for all the age groups, all races as well as for both men and women in the US.
Obama said that we must continue was against discrimination in all areas be it housing, hiring or education or the criminal judiciary systems.

He also realized that power of opinion but cautioned about opinions becoming facts. He asked for bolder steps towards climate change. Obama also mentioned that ISIS will be taken out and the US is at top of its game in killing those.

Obama also talked about different races and thanked America for being a nation of great values for all. He said that Russia and China can never match the influence which the US has in the world unless the constitution is betrayed and it becomes a bully nation.

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