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US President Donald Trump appoints Son-in-Law as advisor to the President

48930594-cachedUS President Donald Trump has appointed his son in law Jared Kushner as his advisor in the White House. Mr. Kushner has been instrumental in getting Mr. Trump elected as the President of the USA> he is said to be the brains behind the complex and brilliant strategies employed by the Trump campaign to win the election against a formidable opponent like Hillary Clinton.

Many people have slammed this decision, but few expect anything stopping this decision from going through. Former President Bill Clinton had also appointed his wife Hillary as an advisor in the White House. Mr. Kushner is said to have resigned from all his businesses and will put all is assets in a blind trust. This will most probably allow him to be appointed as an advisor.

Mr. Kushner is a successful real estate billionaire like Mr. Trump and he has many other business interests. He is also the owner of the New York Post, a New York based newspaper. Mr. Kushner has also said that he will stay away from key decisions that could be a conflict of interest for him due to his existing business holdings.

President Trump has said that Jared has been a tremendous asset and a trusted advisor for him throughout the campaign and the transition and he was proud to have him in his team.

President Trump, who is a billionaire real estate developer with interests in many other industries has said that his businesses would be handled by his sons Eric and Donald Jr.

Jared Kushner is married to President Trump’s elder daughter, is estimated to be worth $1.8 billion and will mostly forgo his salary while working in the White House.

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