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Tuesday , 25 June 2019
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US President Donald Trump says the United Nations is a club for people to have good time

Days after the United Nations Security Council voted to condemn the Israeli settlements on the Palestinian West Bank and east Jerusalem, US President Donald Trump tweeted that the United Nations has a lot of potential to do good work, but at the moment it has become just a club for people to talk and to have a good time.


President Trump defeated Democrat and former Secretary Hillary Clinton to bag the top job in a tightly fought election on the 8th of November. He has supported the Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem and West Bank and supports a lot of positions taken by the Israeli government. On Friday, the United Nations voted to condemn the Israeli settlements, with the US abstaining and not using its veto to block the resolution. This angered many American politicians including the incoming Trump administration.

US President Donald Trump had criticized the current Obama administration for not vetoing the UN resolution and had tweeted that things will change once he enters the White House.

About 650,000 Israelis live in West Bank, a settlement whose legal status is not very clear. Construction of these settlements has cost $30 billion. Investors and residents do not wish to lose their homes, land and investment due to the large amount invested in here.

President Donald Trump had earlier taken a neutral stand on the Israel Palestine issue, but become more pro-Israel as the election campaign proceeded.

President Donald Trump is not the only one to criticize the United Nations as many nations over the World have criticized the Union Nations for being slow and inefficient. The main target of these criticism has been the huge bureaucracy that controls the UN. Developing nations have also criticized the UN for being pro developed nations.



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