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US Senators to introduce legislation to tighten H1 B visa regulations

United States Senators Chuck Grassley and Dick Durban plan to introduce a legislation that makes getting a H1 B visa difficult in the United States of America. They have said that, the H1 B and J1 visa schemes are in place to supplement the American workforce with foreign workers and not to replace the American workforce with foreign workers.

Immigration has been major bone of contention for many working Americans. A big example of this was what a Disney company did. They gave their American workers the pink slip and asked them to train their replacements, who were Indians. This was a major case that was highlighted in the media and it hurt American sentiments. President Barrack Obama once asked Apple founder Steve Jobs, how he planned to bring back the jobs that were outsourced to China. The President was in for a rude shock, when the tech genius, rather curtly, said that those jobs were never coming back.

The new legislation has been designed to target Indian companies, which exploit the loopholes in the visa regime and have Indian employees work there. This has resulted in many American engineers losing their jobs and some companies which would go to campus for recruitment, now have stopped this practice. The bill is designed to ensure that the best and the brightest students studying in America get a preference in getting an H 1B visa. This means that US immigration authorities will have to first consider the students who study in America for visa allocation, before giving it to a foreigner.

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