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US tests missile defense system after North Korea’s missile launch over Japan

Even though North Korea is a relatively small country, the world’s top military powers seem to be able to do nothing to make the rogue nation change its berserk ways. Just yesterday, North Korea had fired a missile that flew over Japan, but still no action has been taken by any country. Most that has been said includes expressions of shock and disbelief. However, US may be showing signs of a proper response, as today, it tested its preparedness to strike down rogue missiles that can potentially hit the country from nations such as North Korea. The US tested its missile defense system at Hawaii and the test was said to be successful. The test was conducted by the US Missile Defense Agency (MDA) and the US Navy.

Experts said that the tests may be a response to North Korea’s missile launch over Japan. North Korea has claimed that its missiles can now reach US cities. The tests conducted by US may have been done to send the message to North Korea that its missiles may still not be able to strike US cities. The US missile defense system will be able to strike down any incoming missile well before it does any damage. The US missile defense test was conducted from the USS John Paul Jones. In the test, a Standard Missile-6 guided missile was used to intercept and destroy a medium-range ballistic missile target. The ballistic missile was quite similar to the one that North Korea has launched yesterday over Japan.

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