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US to expel majority of Cuban embassy staff

Washington, Oct 3 (IANS) President Donald Trump’s administration reportedly plans to expel a majority of Cubas embassy staff from the US, after American diplomats in Havana were targeted in a mysterious attack that resulted in sudden brain injuries, the media reported.

The State Department could announce the decision to “kick out” the Cuban staff as early as Tuesday, The Hill magazine quoted the Sacramento-based McClatchy daily as saying late Monday.

The move to push out the Cuban diplomats comes after the US decided to pull back its own staff from the island nation after suspicious “health attacks” in Havana left some victims with hearing loss and speech problems.

One source told the daily that the decision was intended be an act of “reciprocity”, matching the withdrawal of American staff from the island.

The US has not outright accused Cuba of the attacks and Havana has denied any involvement in the injures.

The State Department has, however, repeatedly pointed to the Vienna Convention and warned that Cuba was responsible for the safety of US diplomats serving in the state.

The US is reportedly still trying to explain the weapon that was used against dozens of diplomats.

The US government first acknowledged the attacks in August, after the State Department expelled two Cuban diplomats from Washington over safety concerns, The Hill magazine reported.

The move came nine months after the injuries were first reported.

The report comes after Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met with Cuban officials to talk about the incidents last week.

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