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US warship sails near island in South China Sea – irks China

The US Navy Ship – USS Dewey sailed near the island near the South China Sea which is claimed by China as its own. The “Freedom of Action” as claimed by the US President Donald Trump has irked China which said it has violated its sovereignty. 

The patrol was conducted within 20 kilometres of Mischeef Reef which is the part of the Spratly Islands over which several countries, including China has been claiming the ownership. 

Pentagon spokesman Jeff Davis said, “We operate in the Asia-Pacific region on a daily basis, including in the South China Sea. We operate in accordance with international law.” He also said “not about any one country, or any one body of water”.

China said the the US Navy did not seek its permission prior to entering the waters which is under its control.

“The relevant action taken by the US vessel undermines China’s sovereignty and security interests,” foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang told reporters. He further added “We urge the US to correct this mistake,” “Stop taking further provocative actions that hurt China’s sovereignty and maritime interests, so as to avoid hurting peace and security of the region and long-term cooperation between the two countries.”

The island is claimed as their own by Taiwan, the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

The issue has been escalated as it has raised tension between the two super powers.

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