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Monday , 22 April 2019
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Usain Bolt to retire this year

When it comes to running, Usain Bolt is arguably the best and the legend one has ever seen. He has so far won 8 Olympic Gold Medals and 13 World Championship titles and has always won it easily by a comfortable lead over his competitors. 

In what could be the bidding farewell for his illustrious career was the win on his home town yesterday where he ran 100 metres in front of some 30,000 spectators who has come just to give him a send-off. The IAAF President Coe who himself has won back to back gold medals in 1500 metres in Olympics and also couple of other gold medals witnessed the race where he had won by finishing it in just over 10 seconds.

“When you’re sitting in the pub and you’re having the discussion: who is the greatest footballer? Nobody will agree on that,” Coe told and added further 

“If you have the same discussion around golf or tennis, everybody will have different views. It’s a slam dunk. (Bolt) is the greatest sprinter the world has ever seen. If you look at the records he set, if you look at the Olympic championships he’s had – three in a row – I’m not sure I’m ever going to see that in my lifetime. So it’s a massive legacy and the most important legacy is that he has connected our sport to people who weren’t traditional track and field fans, that’s the measure of the man.”

Usain Bot is the current world record holder in 100 and 200 metres and has surpassed all time greats like Carl Lewis by winning as many gold medals as he could in the international arena.

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