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Sunday , 20 January 2019
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Users are becoming burnt-out on dating apps and algorithms are to blame, psychologist says

In the last week, how many “travel loving free spirits” have you encountered on a dating app? What about guys that are “living on the edge” or someone who describes themselves with only their Myers-Briggs personality type and their astrological sign? Many people’s choice words about themselves say even less about their compatibility with you than their profile’s four mirror selfies. The apps themselves don’t help either, by choosing your matches based on an algorithm, not your personality.

Relying on shallow catch phrases and robots to help us choose who to date, it’s no wonder that trend pieces are bemoaning a growing sense of “dating app burnout” and users have begun to report dating-app fatigue. To combat this, many popular apps have responded by changing their algorithms or rebranding themselves with new gimmicks. Instead of tweaking the same online dating formula, one new app has decided to eschew the algorithm altogether.

The brainchild of an app developer and a serial dater, Meetwo bucks the traditional dating app profile in favor of smart – and truly fun – questions to determine users’ compatibility. When first joining the app, users must answer ten such questions related to their personality and dating style (all of the questions presented in the app are answered simply ‘yes’ or ‘no.’) After liking someone’s profile, users then answer four questions that were asked of their potential match when signed up.  When at least three of the four questions are a match, the two users are connected and able to communicate.

Meetwo’s carefully crafted questions – developed with the help of psychologists – cover everything two potential lovers may need to know about each other, from trivial things like celebrating valentine’s day and kissing in public to more serious questions about sex, religion and expectations for the future. Users’ answers to the questions and their distance from each other are the only factors that determine whether or not they match, no algorithms come into play.

“We wanted an app that got out of people’s way and let them match on their own,” said Sebastian Koubar, one of the app’s creators. “Meetwo is a space where people can meet, but that’s all it is. We keep our hands off of people’s profiles and let natural chemistry do the matching.”

Designed like an addictive online personality quiz, Meetwo is also intended to make online dating fun again. Instead of a mindless scroll of pictures, users contemplate hundreds of different questions, learning more about themselves and their potential dates. On Meetwo, racking up matches is not a given, it’s a challenge and a game where only the truly compatible can connect.

“I’ve used every dating app out there and once you have a perfectly crafted profile, the challenge is gone,” said Ibrahim Bayram. “Meetwo puts the thrill back in dating. You have to work to get a match and when you finally do, it’s likely that you’ll have an actual connection with that person in real life.”

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