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Utilities of Image Power in this Era

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Every day, millions of Internet users around the world use the Google image search engine for image lookup. This bank of images is undoubtedly the most used source to access snapshots of all kinds to inspire us, help us with our texts, share funny moments … In the ease of use, and the instantaneous of its results lies the basis of your success. In microseconds, we can have fun pictures of cats by just placing a couple of terms in the Google image search bar.

There are many advanced features of Google that most users do not take advantage of, some of them are significantly useful and allow us to search much more efficiently. One of them is the image reverse search.

If you are not familiar with the term, the image reverse search is a computerized technique that uses an example image to perform a search from it and obtain results based on its content: colors, figures, textures, metadata of the image, etc. Query images by example or CBIR (Content-based Image Retrieval) works with large databases that contain digital images.

Conducting an image reverse search can be useful in many scenarios:

  •    Discover the original source of an image.
  •    Find out the approximate date on which it was created or first appeared on the network.
  •    Find out the author of a photograph.
  •    Check if someone has used images of your property on another site without permission.
  •    Discover manipulated versions of the images.

In all these cases, a simple search can help us avoid problems by infringing copyrights using an image that is not our property. Or even avoid misinformation in crisis situations when all kinds of images are shared, perform a reverse search to corroborate the date and the veracity of a photograph before spreading it.

Now as you know the benefits of reverse image search, below we have mentioned the best search engines that perform their work perfectly:


Tineye is the pioneer with regards to the picture opposite search engine. The carrier was launched in 2008. By way of this platform, customers were capable of upload a picture to the website or offer the URL of the picture, and the site reveals similar pix of its more than 24 billion in the picture repository. Record sizes are confined to twenty MB, and the photograph must be in jpg, png or gif layout. Customers can sort the consequences via this similar images checker for the higher in shape, bigger in size, larger image, and so forth. Moreover, tineye comes in a loose and premium model. With the free model, users can carry out a maximum of one hundred fifty searches in step with a month. For greater advanced features, you must pay the top class model at $ two hundred per 12 months.


As the master of each provider for user interference, google additionally delivered the look for reverse images, which was launched as a new feature in June 2011. In contrast to tineye, there may be no restriction to the size of the images that may be uploaded to Google. Chrome users can clearly click the right button of a photo anywhere inside chrome and choose “search image in google”. The quest yields an outline of the “first-rate guess for this picture”, in addition to pages that encompass matching photographs.


This tool is great for Pinterest users due to the fact that you need to have a Pinterest account to use it. With this tool, customers can crop a particular area of a photograph to search, rather than looking at the complete picture. The function changed into announced in November 2015 and is best for the large Pinterest users. Because the person clicks the photo is looking for a button, the consequences of comparable images are displayed almost without any sort of put off.

After reviewing the above passages you may have understood that image reverse search is a very effective tool for illustrators and photographers who want to dive in the net, looking for a possible negligent use of their work. With this option, you are able to check copied images if they are located on an unknown website, thanks to the reverse search option. And if your drawings have been used without your permission too, a very effective tool that we have at our service. Start using it!

The search engine had to make lifestyles easier and is beneficial for locating great photos. So, what’re the Utilities of Image Power in this Era? Each search engine has its own blessings and drawbacks relying on the form of search user perform. Google is a flexible option that mixes an effective preferred and performs inverse image search in a single function.

In Short, there are numerous wonderful search engines to find images but it depends on the user’s preference and via the use of them in combination, you could look for the precise image.

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