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Uttar Pradesh: New policy on animal slaughter coming soon, says animal husbandry minister



SP Singh Baghel has said that the state government will soon bring out a clear policy about the animal slaughter in the state. Work is in progress in the concerned departments and have been asked for their feedback to form this policy on early basis.

The minister said that Muslims in Uttar Pradesh should not be concerned with the ban on slaughter houses as the government was just implementing rules.As soon as the butchers obtain the necessary licenses from the concerned departments, it can be operated without any issues.

Government is making necessary corrections in the system to ensure that licenses are made available sooner and easily.

However, the licenses are not be given to the meat shops near public and religious places.

As per Yogi Adityanath  – Illegal meat business will not be allowed to operate at any cost.

No action will be taken on those who are following the rules properly.

According to the guidelines of Supreme Court Minister said that the apex court has made it clear that even in the five star hotels, a non-vegetarian dish will not be allowed to be served on the next day as it become inedible.Meat sellers have to install a glass front and keep the meat in a freezer so that it can be preserved for longer at the correct temperature.

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