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Uttarakhand Minister Gets Math Wrong, Insults Teacher for Correct Answer

A surprise visit by Uttarakhand Education Minister Arvind Pandey to a government school turned out to be a humiliating experience for a class 8 school teacher who was pulled up by the minister in front of her class this week.

A video of Uttarakhand Minister asking “basic” questions of mathematics is going viral, but for all the wrong reasons.

The video footage shot during a school inspection shows the state education minister asking some basic questions to a female teacher in front of a whole class.

However, the answers given by the minister defied maths.

The teacher was pulled up for “teaching from a guide book” and following a government prescribed book.

Minister Arvind Pandey asked the teacher simple equation from Chemistry, asking her what would be the answer for “minus plus minus.”

When the teacher answered minus, the minister got up to ask what would be the answer to the same question in Mathematics and ruled, “Minus plus minus is plus.”

The video shows the minister humiliating the teacher in a class full of students also asking her to name the “fourth chapter” from the book.

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