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Vaastu guidelines for bedroom

If you follow the below vaastu tips for bedroom, they will make your life more happy and peaceful. 

1. The best shape for efficient placement of furniture is a rectangle followed by a square

2. Keep the beds 2″ away from the walls to ensure proper ventilation

3. Avoid the bed directly opposite the door, as it can psychologically appear to be an obstacle as you enter the room

4. Avoid Television in the bedroom. A T.V.  does not encourage intimacy. In fact it only encourages people to become couch potatoes. Also, the waves from the T.V are not good for your health and so keeping the T.V  far away is always preferable

5. Avoid mirror directly opposite the bed. The Scientific Reason – When you wake up in the morning, all untidy and disheveled, it may be a shock when you see yourself in the mirror as you sit up in the bed!

6. Avoid religious idols: The Scientific Reason – Many people may feel uncomfortable to lie around with their feet pointing towards the religious idols, as they believe it is disrespectful to god

7. Avoid storing things under the bed: The Reason – The space under the bed gets very dusty and cannot be cleaned often. Hence it is meaningless to store anything there

8. Colour of the bedroom walls: should be light rose, gray, blue, chocolate, dark green etc and not bright colurs


If you’re planning your new home then why don’t you go according to some vaastu tips or guidance for a healthy and happy living. 

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