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Tuesday , 25 June 2019
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Previews ‘Institutions’ by Christopher Taylor – An exhibition that explores the interiors of Imperial buildings in Mumbai and Kolkata

CT09IN29-United Cotton Mill no. 1, Parel, Bombay, 2005

India, Bangalore, November 6, 2014 – Vacheron Constantin in partnership with Tasveer hosted a private preview to celebrate and announceChristopher Taylor  ‘Institutions’ – An exhibition that explores the interiors of Imperial buildings in Mumbai and Kolkata. 

The preview marked the opening of the exhibition in Bangalore being held from November 7th to 28th at Tasveer SuaHoue. 

‘We aim to build a framework and context around Indian photography. Christopher Taylor’s work has poignancy, stillness and yet the tangibility of transience. Taylor’s eloquentphotographs showcasse some exemplary emblems of British rule attempting to unravel the legacy of colonialism, while considering its ambiguities and its impact on contemporary Indian society.’ said Mr. Rishab Suresh, Country Manager-India, Vacheron Constantin 

From his first visits to India in the 1980s, Taylor was struck by the country’s architecture and especially fascinated by the once colonial capital of Calcutta, and the industrial centre Bombay, which for him were windows into history, built on a heritage inherited from pre-Independence with buildings conceived by European architects. Intrigued by the palpable residue of colonialism, which appeared not just in architecture but also in organisational structures of daily life, Taylor began his visual anecdotes of India’s tumultuous history, focusing on the interiors of buildings that had particular personal resonance for him.

Taylor’s photographs propose an intuitive connection with his subject, triggering a fictitious memory of an imagined past, inspired and informed by the artist’s own fascination with history and literature, as well as the viewer’s residual memories. His approach to image making avoids colour, with a focus on specific elements, characteristics and outwardly mundane details of the environment, all of which have a significance, but aren’t necessarily or immediately descriptive.

‘”I’m delighted to have been working with Tasveer to put this exhibition together, and am also grateful for Vacheron Constantin’s support of my work, as part of their world wideprogramme of supporting the arts, especially in ndia”.

Vacheron Constantin the world’s oldest Swiss Haute Horlogerie manufacture with almost 260 years of uninterrupted history echoes its key values in India; a quest for excellence, respect for traditions and a calling to perpetuate the skills that combine virtuosity with precision by partnering Tasveer through its ‘Season 9’ photography exhibitions in the country this year.

‘Institutions’ by Christopher Taylor: November 7th to 28th November 2014

Venue: Tasveer SuaHouse  26/1, Kasturba Cross Road,Bangalore– 560001

Timings: Monday to Saturday 10.00 am – 6.00 pm

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