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Sunday , 16 June 2019
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Valentine’s Day 101 – All You Need To Know About This Festival Of Love

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Valentine’s Day is widely celebrated across the globe on 14th February every year. When talking about Valentine’s Day, things that immediately come to mind are red roses, greeting cards, gifts, cakes and chocolates. However, if you ask people, not many would be able to provide detailed information about this festival of love. Most would say that Valentine’s Day is celebrated in remembrance of St. Valentine, but beyond that most people usually don’t know much about this festival. If you are looking for detailed info on Valentine’s Day, here are some of the key things you need to know.

What is the real story of Valentine’s Day?

Most people associate Valentine’s Day with St. Valentine, but his story is not crystal clear, as different historians have different views on the topic. Since there is very little verifiable evidence, the different stories are largely opinions given by various experts. Who exactly is St. Valentine is also not clear since the Catholic Church recognizes three martyred saints, all of whom had Valentine as their first name. One story says that Valentine was a priest who secretly conducted marriages of soldiers in 3rd century Rome. Such marriages were banned by Emperor Claudius II, as it was believed that unmarried men made better soldiers, as compared to their married counterparts. When Claudius came to know about the secret marriages being conducted by Valentine, he gave him the death penalty.

Another story talks about Valentine who was killed while he was trying to help Christians escape from Roman prisons. The third story talks about the Valentinewho sent a ‘valentine’ greeting to his love while he was in prison. It is said that Valentine had fallen in love with the jailor’s daughter. The greeting he had sent was signed ‘from your valentine’, a phrase that is still used in many Valentine greeting cards. However, there is not enough evidence to establishthe truth of any of these stories. But since all stories are essentially about love and caring for one another, they seem relevant to be associatedwith Valentine’s Day

What does the word Valentine stand for or mean?

As per Catholic Church, three saints named Valentine were martyred in their struggle to spread the message of love or to help their fellow beings. So, Valentine essentially refers to the martyred saints in whose remembrance and honor the festival of love is celebrated.

Why was Saint Valentine killed?

There are three different stories about three different Saint Valentine and each had a different reason for being killed. The reasons have been explained in the second paragraph of this article. The common answer could be that all three saints were killed while they were trying to spread the message of love.

What is the reason for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is a tribute to the martyred saints who died for the cause of promoting love among fellow beings. It is a way to bring balance to the society that is being infested with anger, hate and jealously.

What is the purpose of Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day aims to spread the message of love, so that people can live in peace and harmony. It also provides us the opportunity to express our love and affection to our near and dear ones.

Why is Valentine’s Day on February 14th?

It is believed that one of the Valentine saints died on February 14 in 270 A.D. Or it could also have been his burial ceremony. Another theory is that middle of February was chosen because it provided an opportunity to ‘Christianize’ a pagan celebration known as Lupercalia. Celebrated in honor of Roman god of agriculture named Faunus, Lupercalia involved irrational rituals and was believed to make women more fertile.

Celebrations are meant to bring joy and happiness in our lives and they provide us the opportunity to spend quality time with our loved ones. In this context, valentine’s Day comes across as a great festival. Since it has a global reach and is focused on expressing love, Valentine’s Day has become even more relevant in today’s world where anger and hatred are spreading like wild fire. We hope that Valentine’s Day will enable love to bloom and help us spread the message of love and peace among hearts across the globe.

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